I’m Rakesh and I’m here to help. Really, that’s about it. I provide design solutions in a friendly way that empathise with the needs of the users. I can help define the problem, research to find ideas that solve that problem, create and test solutions from those ideas, and then present those solutions back to stakeholders both in business and technology. Apparently, I am very good to work with – I’m diligent, thoughtful, experienced and of course, a very good listener. I’m currently conducting my PhD research in the field of HCI, Memory and Play, Mind-Matter Interaction at the Faculty of IT, Monash University.

Keynote announcement #2:
ULF JENSEN, ADIDAS will join us with a keynote for Embodied Interaction in Sports workshop at #CHI2021
Submission deadline: 07-03 (Extended)

Website: https://t.co/3Uqb60a4wa

@VincentvRheden @ThomasGrah @exertiongames @amesch1209

#SportsHCI https://t.co/6COzSB6GGh
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I'm deeply honoured to receive the 'Outstanding Dissertation Award' from ACM @sigchi. I dedicate this award to every participant, reviewer and mentor along the way. Congratulations to all the other awardees. https://t.co/jDlODxWqeW https://t.co/jVnssJ12OC

I am happy that both @aquigley and @doc_ux are candidates in this @sigchi elections 🚀. Become a @sigchi member using this link: https://t.co/p7ThXYDBb2 and cast your vote on March 15th 2021🗳 https://t.co/CuE3m6IOaw

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