I love designing experiences at the intersection of the human body, technology and play. 

HCI, UX design, video games, and wellbeing have been my passion forever now and my profession for over half a decade. I take what I’ve learned in the games industry as a designer and developer and apply it to the world of software-defined networks. Also, I am a foodie with a flare to present the food I cook while also possessing a keen interest in researching the future of food.

Being a part of the Exertion Games Lab I often work on academic research projects exploring the intersection of HCI and design and also write here on my blog to answer questions I’m often asked about design, video games or HCI.

I spend time at the Exertion Games Lab exploring emerging technologies in the space of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), games design and wellbeing. I have my own cooking blog on YouTube called Masala Counter.

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