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Rakesh Patibanda: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Expert, Researcher, and Designer

Rakesh Patibanda is an experienced Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) specialist focused on human-centered research, design, and technology development. His goal is to create compelling products that solve real user problems.

With over a decade of experience, Rakesh has designed playful technologies and gamified health platforms. He is a passionate advocate for user-centric design and leverages cutting-edge methods to address user needs.

Currently a final year PhD candidate at the Exertion Games Lab, Monash University (mentored by Prof. Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller and Prof. Elise van den Hoven), Rakesh’s research explores the intersection of play, technology, and our bodies. He has a particular interest in how technologies like electrical muscle stimulation, exoskeletons, and AI enable shared bodily control, with this work having the potential to shape the future of game and interaction design.

Rakesh holds a Master of Design by Research from RMIT University.

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